Upcoming Events: Nov 5-7, 2024 Pasadena CA • April 15-17, 2025 Orlando FL

Builders can increase market share by leveraging digital solutions, but for prolific gains they’ll need to re-engineer processes and improve collaboration with vendors as well. Housing Transformation Summit helps builders:

  • Leverage digital technology to engage more and better buyers online and personalize at scale to increase per home revenue and profit.
  • Embrace innovations and on-trend products in structures, systems and finishes to increase differentiation vs. used homes.
  • Tap into attachment and affiliate sales and lifetime revenue streams with digital technology and new vendor and service provider relationships.

The Housing Transformation Summit focuses on three tracks:

Digital Solutions
This track covers digital solutions and services that help builders: 1) find and connect with online home shoppers early, 2) drive shoppers down the funnel by leveraging interactivity, visualization and virtualization and 3) leverage digital design center–online and in physical design and sales environments—to helps buyers realize the dream of a finished home and deliver it profitably and on schedule.

Finishes & Personalization
How are lifestyle and décor trends driving change in the floorplans, designs and finishes that are so critical to winning buyers and differentiating new vs. used? How do we maximize sell-through of finishes options and upgrades? How do we enable and cash-in on sales of attachment categories like furniture, décor and other household goods? These are the key subjects of this track.

Structures & Systems
Some of the biggest and most difficult to replicate differentiators of new vs. used homes are inbetween or below the walls. This track highlights how structures and systems deliver valued differentiation like energy and water efficiency, health and wellness, resilience and integrity and how to market and present the features and benefits.

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