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Are you ready to catch the wave in 55+ home building? Epcon Franchising provides a business blueprint for builders to capitalize on this large and underserved segment of the new home market, allowing them to build more, smarter and faster.

We work with over 80 home builders across the country, providing solutions in land acquisition and development, marketing, new home sales, purchasing, product development, technology and more.

The best way to understand the benefits of becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder is hearing first hand from other home builders like you.

Epcon Builder Stories With EJ Sansone

EJ Sansone is the co-owner of Reisch Sansone Communities, an Epcon Franchise Builder in St. Louis, Missouri. He was looking for freedom and flexibility in his life, and he created both by building a home building business with the help of Epcon.

Epcon Builder Stories With Mark and Taylor Marquess

Mark Marquess, CEO of Riverwood Homes, and Taylor Marquess, President of Riverwood Homes, are a father-and-son home builder duo in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mark has been building homes for over 40 years and Taylor joined the family business nearly 10 years ago. For them, it was an easy decision to make the jump to become Epcon Franchise Builders.

Epcon Builder Stories With Kyle Kelly

Kyle Kelly is the President of Kelly Construction, an Epcon Franchise Builder in Sioux City, Iowa. His company was founded 12 years ago and when he came across Epcon, he found it to be a perfect complement to the business he was already doing.

Epcon Builder Stories With Katie Lancianese

Katie Lancianese, President of New Leaf Homes, is an Epcon Franchise Builder in Akron, Ohio. She grew up in real estate development, going with her dad to construction sites. Her company previously sold lots to builders, but discovered that they too wanted to get into home building.

Epcon Builder Stories With Chad Weaver

Chad Weaver, President of Weaver Homes, is a second-generation Epcon Franchise Builder in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was 12 when his father started his home building business, becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder in 1999. What started as one Epcon project at a time with four people has grown to a staff over 30.

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