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Learn about energy as a service in new high volume production construction from this segment of the “Energy Independence Play: Smart, Clean, Reliable Power from Builders to Buyers” session recorded live at the TecHome Builder Summit. Huge growth in electric vehicles (which primarily charge at home), the unreliability of electric grids and surging, cataclysmic storms, government-incentives and more are driving the opportunity for builders to make a new and more comprehensive plays on power generation, storage, smart electrical distribution and energy monitoring. We’re past the beginning of this trend and great TecHome builders need to get their offers, merchandise assortments and vendor and trade partner relationships shaped up to win more homebuyers and make more money per home.

This session will:
• provide detail on the anatomy of these systems
• sketch good-better-best plays
• explain government and financing incentives
• propose crawl-walk-run-fly scenarios
• and showcase the successful plays and lessons learned of builders already in the game

This is another megatrend and huge new vs. used home differentiator that your company needs to make progress on now!

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