ELAN Intelligent Touch Panel


The ELAN Intelligent Touch Panel with face recognition technology unlocks the most personalized control experience ever. The touch panel identifies the user as they approach and then displays a custom menu of options, setting their preferred lighting and temperature, and turning on their favorite music – creating an entirely new intuitive lifestyle experience. Each intelligent touch panel includes a high-resolution touch screen interface with a dual digital MEMS microphone-array that provides exceptional voice control for the ELAN system, with flexibility that lets users choose their preferred voice interface – including Amazon Alexa – without needing to fill the house with voice assistant hardware. The intelligent touch panels also display high-resolution video, including monitoring and playback from ELAN Surveillance cameras. Two-Way Audio and Video enable exceptional communication with the video doorbell, paging, and ELAN Intercom.

Consumer Benefits:

Homeowners can utilize face recognition to control every aspect of their home’s media, lighting, climate, shares, security and more. Personalized menus and automated scenes with media, climate and lighting represent a massive step forward in convenience and ease of use for consumers. While the dual digital MEMS microphone-array is flexible enough to let users choose their own voice interface – including the massively popular Amazon Alexa. Finally, a high-resolution display paired with Two-Way Audio and Video enable exceptional visual communications. With these new intelligent and interactive panels, ELAN is granting homeowners a smart home experience that is more intuitive than ever.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

With home control enhanced by face recognition and voice control, builders and contractors can offer their clients fully interactive control systems that are designed to redefine what smart home control can be. For the first time ever, builders and contractors can enhance their customers’ lives with a face recognition-equipped smart home system. Each panel mounts using a standard 2 gang (US) box, which means no custom bracket is required, expanding possibilities. The interactive panels can be powered locally using a 12VDC power supply (not included) or using PoE, and connect to the controller over Wi-Fi or using power over Ethernet and with a single wire hookup.

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