Eddie Meyersick

Director of Business Development, Vutility

Eddie Meyersick, a seasoned IoT professional with 25+ years in the wireless industry, honed his skills a leading carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Serving as VP of Telematics and Connected Vehicle at Raco Wireless, he led a team that launched Audi USA’s first connected vehicles. Eddie mastered LPWAN networks, integrating solutions on RPMA, Sigfox, Sidewalk, and LoRaWAN. Today, he’s a key member of Vutility, revolutionizing energy monitoring. His team provides real-time, high-resolution energy data, empowering companies and builders to enhance operations, achieve ESG goals, and cut costs through revenue grade facility submetering and multi-tenant billing. Eddie’s expertise continues to drive innovation in the ever-evolving realm of IoT and connected technologies.

Areas of Expertise:

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