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EAGLE Continental


The EAGLE Continental is JinkoSolar’s first all-black 1500V solar panel. Its black frame and black backsheet creates an ideal look for residential applications. In addition to its superior aesthetics, the EAGLE Continental has a maximum system voltage of 1500VDC allowing for commercial installations. The EAGLE Continental produces up to 400 watts and utilizes mono PERC half-cell technology which boosts performance even when shaded.. 

One of the most durable panels on the market, the EAGLE Continental features a thick 40mm frame tested to endure hurricane force winds of up to 113mph (category 3 hurricane). Its 3.2mm tempered front-side glass is designed to withstand hailstones of up to 55mm, which, for reference, is larger than a standard golf ball and double the minimum IEC 61215 standard of 25mm. While many mainstream panel manufacturers are rated Fire Type 2, the EAGLE Continental is Fire Type 1 rated, engineered with a more robust and thicker backsheet. These backsheets feature DuPontTM Tedlar® material, increasing durability and offering added protection from scratches, moisture, UV, and extreme heat. 

The EAGLE Continental’s longer cable length allows for flexible system design and installation. It also includes MC4 connectors for easy compatibility with microinverters and optimizers. 


Consumer Benefits

The EAGLE Continental panel consists of JinkoSolar’s Diamond half-cells. These uniquely designed cells are more efficient than traditional full-cell versions, producing more energy in a smaller footprint and offering more resistance to shading. This is ideal for homeowners who live in tighter communities with roofs that may be affected by shading from nearby trees or buildings. 

EAGLE Continental panels offer homeowners a more sustainable and socially conscious option to power their home, eliminating additional CO2 emissions and reducing their overall carbon footprint. In addition, EAGLE Continental solar systems can significantly reduce or even eliminate electricity costs depending on system size. Studies have shown that owning a solar system can increase the value of your home. 

When it comes to quality and reliability, homeowners can rest easy as EAGLE solar panels are tested and validated by third party-laboratories and come equipped with a 25-year warranty backed by one of the most dependable panel manufacturers in the world. 

JinkoSolar has a large presence in the United States including a full-service sales office in San Francisco, California and a solar panel assembly facility in Jacksonville, Florida where the EAGLE Continental panels are assembled*. 

*EAGLE G2 modules are assembled in the USA with foreign components.


Builder Benefits

The demand for solar has grown significantly over the years with more and more environmentally conscious homebuyers looking for energy-efficient homes. Builders can meet this demand by offering readily available EAGLE Continental solar panels assembled in America at Jinko’s factory in Jacksonville, Florida*. Home builders can market these aesthetically pleasing, high-powered EAGLE Continental panels as an amenity, attracting a new demographic of sophisticated, socially conscious buyers while improving their overall customer satisfaction and improving their net promoter scores. With the cost of solar going down in recent years this technology is now more accessible and affordable for builders and installers, allowing them to generate more value per home. 

EAGLE Continental modules are manufactured by JinkoSolar, a global solar manufacturer with a strong U.S. presence. This local service enables builders to quickly get in touch with a Jinko US representative with any questions or concerns they may have about the product.

*EAGLE G2 modules are assembled in the USA with foreign components.


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