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DISH Fiber


The completely connected community has arrived. Forget remembering multiple passwords, dropping internet connection while working poolside or impossible to use smart property devices. DISH Fiber is the single solution for multifamily communities that provides residents with immediate access to gig-powered, managed Wi-Fi and live streaming TV property wide. With our reliable, secure, and fast network, DISH Fiber serves as the connectivity backbone for properties.

From their unit to the gym, pool or lobby, residents can seamlessly stream video, access social media and browse the internet on their personal devices while moving throughout the property without having to switch networks. Residents will never miss a message or drop a call again.

Property owners benefit from DISH Fiber, too. Our premium Wi-Fi network is equipped with enterprise level security, 24/7 monitoring, network self-healing ability and easy connectability to personal or property-wide smart-home devices with portal-less device onboarding. That means, fewer service calls for property managers.

Additionally, every resident has access to live streaming TV, accessible from any browser-enabled device, through the OnStream®. Top shows and programs are delivered over the property’s IP network — goodbye bulky, individual satellites!


Consumer Benefits:

With safety on everyone’s minds, DISH Fiber significantly reduces face-to-face interaction, time and hassle typically associated with installing internet and television service. Each resident receives a unique username and password upon moving in, granting them immediate access to their own personal Wi-Fi network and streaming TV solution. They do not need to call a technician or go to a store. There is simply no installation required. Residents also have the ability to self-install an upgrade to a larger DISH TV package if they like.

Remote work is here to stay, and any property looking to gain a competitive edge needs to provide residents with a stable connection no matter where they work from. Gig-enabled Wi-Fi allows residents to move throughout their building without missing a beat, or an email. This is increasingly more important as home offices in multifamily properties become the new norm.

On top of that, residents, on average, pay below market rates for internet and live TV with DISH Fiber. Residents often pay $100 a month or more for their internet and entertainment services. With DISH Fiber, the property is in control and can determine how to position the service, rates, and value for their residents.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

DISH Fiber can be deployed nationwide and over most property infrastructures, providing always-on, property-wide access to those who may have not thought it possible to upgrade. This provides property owners and builders a unique opportunity to generate increased revenue, with low entry costs and the ability to market these services how they choose.

DISH Fiber significantly decreases overall property costs. This allows properties themselves to determine their own margins while offering residents a premium solution at a lower rate compared to individual market prices. As a result, the property earns more while residents pay less for higher quality service. Plus, the property gains additional savings by leveraging the same network to support staff and property needs.

The revenue model with DISH Fiber can allow properties to make as much as 10x what they make in traditional revenue share models, based on general market analysis from DISH Business.

With DISH Fiber, properties can upgrade residents’ experiences by adding smart-community technology to promote contactless property entry, deliveries, smart in-unit technology, and more. A connected community network reduces operational costs from proactive maintenance, improves energy efficiency and establishes enterprise-grade security to increase the value of a property.



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