Delta BreezFresh FRS200 Fresh Air Supply Fan

When it comes to efficiency and versatility, Delta BreezFresh FRS200 is the industry’s best. First, it is the most energy efficient supply air fan (SAF) on the market, delivering more CFM/watt than competitor products. It is not only Energy Star rated, it exceeds Energy Star Most Efficient requirements by 21%. The FRS200 is also the most versatile SAF, offering the widest CFM range of any SAF, from 30CFM to 200CFM. This reduces inventory and design costs, because one product can meet the ventilation needs of homes from a 1-bedroom apartment to a 5 bedroom 5,000 ft2 home.

The Delta BreezFresh FRS200 is also uniquely designed to meet three ventilation functions, Supply, Balanced, and Purification. As a fresh air Supply fan, the FRS200, combined with MERV13 filter, removes outdoor pollutants from the incoming air, reducing allergens, odors and disease spread. When combined with a DeltaBreez bathroom exhaust fan, the FRS200 creates a Balanced system, which reduces positive or negative pressures inside the home. As an air Purification system, the FRS200 and MERV13 filter remove pollutants such as dust and virus particles from indoor air, then delivers purified air back to the home. The FRS200 creates healthier air using less energy in a larger variety of homes.


Consumer Benefits

The Delta BreezFresh FRS200 is a quiet, energy efficient and cost-effective way to meet ventilation codes and create a healthier home. The FRS200 with MERV13 filter filters out dust, pollen, pet dander, even virus particles. This creates a healthier home environment, reducing the spread of disease and allergic reactions. A home with a Delta BreezFresh FRS200 even smells cleaner. When combined with our Delta Breez exhaust fans, the FRS200 creates the perfectly balanced ventilation system that delivers fresh filtered air, while exhausting stale air, leaving a home smelling like a fresh Delta Breez just blew through.


Builder Benefits

To improve indoor air quality (IAQ), states are increasing ventilation requirements for residential buildings. Builders look to ventilation manufacturers for cost effective solutions to meet these new codes and reassurance they will perform. Homes with healthier air can result in improved brain function for children studying at home, as well as adults working from home. While on average we drink a gallon water each day, we breath about 200 gallons of air each day. Breathing cleaner air provided by a well-designed ventilation system, like the Delta BreezFresh FRS200 and MERV13 filter, can have a positive impact on health and productivity.

In addition to health benefits, a good ventilation system helps protect a home from damage and improves a builder’s reputation. A ventilation system that manages humidity, reduces structural damage from insects and mold. This saves builders time and lost revenue resulting from callbacks and associated repairs. Callbacks can result in poor on-line rating, impact a builder’s reputation and future profits. Also, new home buyers are willing to spend more for a home with healthier indoor air quality (NAHB), so improved ventilation can increase the price of homes a builder sells, which has an immediate impact on profits.



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