Hughston Homes is a fast-growing Southeast region builder serving Georgia, Alabama, and Tennesse that prides itself on providing the best possible buying, building, and homeownership experience. Years of experience, modern technology, and streamlined systems allow them to deliver personalized homes on a schedule. We spent some time getting inside of Hughston’s approach and systems with Hughston’s president, Richie Eubanks.

About Our Guest:

Richie Eubanks, President, Hughston Homes

Richie Eubanks began his Real Estate career with Keller Williams which launched his path of success. Through their great success together, Richie teamed up with Hughston Homes in January 2017. Richie helped further establish Hughston Homes Marketing, Inc. – a brokerage that specializes in new construction. Leading a strong team of New Home Sales Specialists and Realtors, Richie and his team are active throughout vast regions of Georgia, Eastern Alabama, as well as Tennessee.

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