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Deako Universal Backplate

Unlike other light switches, the Deako Universal Backplate can be installed in any wiring scenario AND offers homeowners or residents the ability to personalize their home lighting without hiring an electrician or messing with wires. This is because the Deako Universal Backplate is part of the Deako modular smart system, and accepts any switch module that Deako creates, including smart switches and dimmers, motion sensors, nightlights, timer switches, and more.

With this product, Electricians have a universal solution for all code-required building wiring, including copper-clad aluminum wire, while builders can rest easy knowing their buyers will be safe from potential shock and headache. While pressure plate solutions are not new to the market, Deako’s Universal Backplate now makes it possible to offer modular lighting no matter what wire is used. It’s a win-win solution from all perspectives: builders, electricians, and homeowners alike!

The Deako Universal backplate can accept any code-compliant wire size (10-14 gauge) and comes in gang sizes one through four. It is the first product on the market that is UL-listed for copper-clad aluminum.

Consumer Benefits:

With the Deako Universal Backplate installed, homeowners and residents are able to plug-n-play different Deako light switch modules into their system to create their desired home lighting experience. The Deako modular smart lighting system is the only offering that allows users to install a light switch without hiring help or wiring on their own. Additionally, Deako works with all major smart home technologies like Amazon Alexa or, helping to offer a seamless smart home experience.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

With the Deako Universal Backplate, builders and multifamily companies can offer their buyers or residents the Deako modular system in any market in the nation, even those with unique electrical codes that require different gauge wire. Additionally, this product allows builders and multifamily companies to explore using copper-clad aluminum wire without ordering a special product.

Installing the Deako Universal Backplate does not change the construction process; the product wires in at trim into a standard junction box. This, plus the flexibility of using the product in any wiring scenario and providing homeowners and residents with lighting personalization makes the Deako Universal Backplate and system a no-brainer for any builder or multifamily company.

Deako allows builders and multifamily companies to do more than just install a light switch. Because of Deako’s modular smart lighting system, partners can take advantage of unique builder programs that help them set their builds apart, offer buyers and residents the technology they want, and make extra cash along the way by providing easy-to-install (no electrician needed!) smart home packages.

Deako provides warranty and customer support with a U.S.-based support team, marketing and sales support, and helps alleviate pain and create opportunities at every stage of installing a light switch. What was once a boring necessity to include in a build or development is now an exciting opportunity to set your brand apart, all without any added hassle.


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