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Winner, Range hoods



Our brand new line of luxury decorative hoods are a blend of old world craftsmanship with modern professional performance. Absolutely stunning decorative hoods, each uniquely hand-crafted and formed with incredible metal work and fully customizable options, including design and materials. Our current offerings allow semi-custom finishes so you can choose your desired width (36″ / 42″ / 48″) , power (600 CFM / 900 CFM / 1200 CFM) and finishing materials (Matte Black / Satin Stainless Steel / Designer White). The strappings are available in chrome or brass, with rivets to match.

The DCB series feature an innovative, convenient installation method. Firstly, the blower is mounted to the wall separately from the decorative shell, allowing for the damper to be connected to the duct easily because it is all open and accessible. Secondly, the shell is attached to the blower with four screws and then it is a breeze to attach the lights and control panel from the shell to the blower. This innovative feature also makes servicing the hood very convenient.

Priced for unparalleled value compared with similar offerings on the market.

Consumer Benefits:

The homeowner or resident will be able to customize their decorative hood to match the appliances / hardware in their kitchen for a polished, luxury look and feel while enjoying the incredible ventilation power of a 600 / 900 / or 1200 CFM blower at a much more affordable price than similar products on the market from our competitors.

• Better product warranty: Purchasers will be eligible for a two (2) year in-home service warranty, as opposed to the standard in-home service for the first year, and workshop service for the second.
• Professionally installed: The range hood will be installed by the builder’s qualified electrical contractor who is familiar with Cyclone products.
• Eliminate voiding of warranty: The home’s electrical warranty could be voided if the homeowner installs his own product within the first two (2) years of taking possession.
• More affordable: The cost of the product(s) can be incorporated into their mortgage, instead of paying upfront.
• More convenient: No need to find the time to look for a new range hood / bathroom fan, or for someone to install it properly.
• Better selection: Unlike the builder, most retailers only offer a limited

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Elevate Your Offerings with Our Premium Luxury Solution!

Builders and multifamily companies now have an exclusive, high-margin luxury gem to dazzle their clients and boost project value. Introducing our cutting-edge product, guaranteed to elevate your projects to new heights. Picture this: a two-year warranty on both parts and labor, plus an extraordinary eight-year warranty on the motor, all designed to give your customers peace of mind.

But that’s not all. We go above and beyond to support builders every step of the way. We provide comprehensive product training for your sales team, showcase stunning product samples in your showroom, and offer tailor-made literature to enhance your builder décor presentations. Our dedicated technical support team is always at your service, providing top-notch training and instructional videos, ensuring seamless installation and hassle-free servicing.

With our unrivaled luxury solution, you’ll not only meet but exceed your customers’ expectations, making your projects not just desirable but in high demand. Elevate your game with us today!

At Cyclone we work with builders and designers to help select or update their range hood offerings for any upcoming projects, big or small. We provide product samples and custom literature for the builder décor team while conducting thorough product knowledge training for their Sales Team and technical support is provided to your Trades including on-site training and videos which demonstrate the best methods of installation.

As the owner of our own factory, we have a dedicated assembly line just for Cyclone Range Hoods. This allows for consistent production of our products and flexibility in our production scheduling for rush orders.

Most of our competitors outsource their range hoods and must follow a production schedule that is set by the manufacturer. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic with global supply chain issues, many of our customers really had a chance to see what we were capable of.


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