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Crestron Home® OS 4

Crestron Home® OS 4 is the latest update to the most powerful smart home platform available. Crestron Home 3.0 saw nearly two dozen updates, all informed by a combination of dealer and end-user feedback and beta testing in the field. Ultimately, that feedback drove the development of version 4, featuring a profoundly better user experience that will be easily navigable by both new and previous owners of the Crestron Home platform.

The graphics, icons, and layout of the Crestron Home OS 4 have all been updated and refined to make the user experience much more fluid. By placing more filters on a single screen, the new UI allows the homeowner to find functionality in any room or zone with fewer taps. Other upgrades and refinements includes a compact room list that allows homeowners to see and control various parts of their residence at once. The end-user schedule feature allows homeowners to schedule events and automate tasks without a call to the dealer. Coupled with the recently introduced “password session” feature, the Crestron Home platform now allows the homeowner to rapidly customize any of their smart homes’ functions, room by room or throughout the residence, by entering their personal password once.

Consumer Benefits:

As the modern smart home becomes more complex, ease of use for the end user becomes paramount. Crestron Home OS 4 is the next step in the evolution of smart home control and integration, offering a completely intuitive interface for the client while speeding and simplifying installation and deployment for our dealers. Version 4 is the latest example of Crestron’s mission to continually refine the Crestron Home platform.

Crestron Home OS 4 has a new sophisticated user interface for a fluid and intuitive experience. Updated graphics and icons coupled with filters and room lists make Crestron Home simple to navigate. The addition of more filters on a single screen allows the homeowner to find functionality in any room or zone with fewer taps. “Compact” views within room lists allow the user to see multiple rooms at once, and a quick toggle function can switch the view from a “grid” to a “list” layout.

Through the Crestron Home platform, homeowners have full control of the color of their lights, including hue, saturation, color temperature, and intensity of light. Alternatively, they can opt to synchronize with their natural circadian or match the natural light outside.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Since its inception, the Crestron Home platform has been embraced by dealers and clients looking for an elegant smart-home interface with a broad variety of functions, controllable from a remote, a touch screen, or the user’s mobile device. Version 4 improves on an award-winning product, allowing one-touch control and automation of a smart home’s entertainment, climate, lighting, shading, security, and more.

Crestron Home® OS 4 unlocks one of the most anticipated advancements in lighting control that Crestron has ever released, unifying multiple lighting protocols and devices within one single home automation platform. Providing the incredible user experience delivered via Crestron DMX-C fixtures, now extended to an entire world of additional lighting devices. Dealers can add essentially any lighting device into a Crestron Home system running the new OS 4 by writing a new driver or downloading the recently added drivers from the Crestron library. This new feature replicates the exact experience of native Crestron tunable light fixtures. The same simple dealer experience of curating tunable lighting directly from the Crestron Home app is easily created for the entire home.

Crestron Home® OS 4 provides the builder community with a sleek, unobstructed automation system that works consistently for every project, allowing their organizations to offer a unified experience across multiple properties or units. The ease of programming and installing Crestron Home OS 4 lowers project costs. Available from smartphones, personal tablets, or specially designed touch screens, Crestron Home provides a smart home platform that delivers a stellar experience and blends seamlessly with the building’s design.
Using the Crestron Design Build Program (DBP), we will guide you through the complex landscape of smart home products and solutions and demonstrate why Crestron, the choice of the world’s smartest and premium homes, should be your choice to deliver a new level of convenience, comfort, and security to your clients’ lifestyle. We recognize that homes can come in many different shapes and sizes, and our mission is to support you in fulfilling your vision for what you want your smart home to be. The Crestron Design Build Program educates the professional on how Crestron technology fits seamlessly in interior and building design projects as well as provides full support, backing, and pioneering innovation from the most trusted and recognized brand in smart home technology.


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