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Horizon® Thermostat


The Horizon® Thermostat is a gorgeous touch screen smart thermostat that ends the dreaded replaceable battery design for a simple two-wire install into any thermostat location. Users will never wake up to a dead thermostat again. The Horizon Thermostat provides reliable control of the temperature and humidity throughout an entire home for a more refined, convenient, and always-working home environment.

Unlike other smart thermostats on the market today, the Horizon Thermostat is a design-first device that can react to dynamic routines in response to data from onboard temperature, humidity, and proximity sensors. When integrated with the Crestron Home platform, Horizon Thermostats act in concert with other smart devices, like lighting and shading to ensure optimal comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

The Horizon Thermostat complements the popular Crestron Horizon dimmers, switches, keypads, and receptacles. Featuring an ultra-slim, 14mm profile that rests nearly flush against the wall thanks to its battery-free design, the Horizon Thermostat connects with just two wires and seamlessly pairs with home Wi-Fi® networks. While ideal for new builds,the Horizon Thermostat also supports retrofit applications with no common wire when paired with the Crestron Common Wire Adapter accessory, sold separately.


Consumer Benefits:

With a high-resolution 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display and an auto-adjustable backlight that toggles between day and night mode depending on time of day or user preferences, the Horizon Thermostat is a professional grade device with a luxurious and intuitive aesthetic. The product measures a trim of 124mm wide by 89mm high and is available in Horizon white, black, or almond finishes to match décor. The RGB-backlit accent and status light bar complements the display, while the ambient light and proximity sensors ensure the thermostat is always visible when you need it. With their ultra-slim profile and luxurious aesthetic, Horizon smart thermostats are always neat and discreet, while also delivering advanced functionality.

Horizon Thermostats are part of the complete Crestron smart home solution. You get convenient, consistent control from anywhere via the Crestron Home™ app. Easily set them up to automatically adjust temperature and humidity to ensure optimal comfort, convenience, and energy savings throughout the day.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Flexible wiring options make Horizon® thermostats fit equally well in new construction or retrofit installations, and color-coded spring terminals make it easy. You can remotely configure multiple Horizon Thermostats simultaneously and save and reuse your configurations, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time – a real time-saver. Even more, enhanced logging and diagnostics makes service and support much easier.

While traditional smart thermostats often force installers to choose between aesthetics, control, and functionality, the Horizon Thermostat was designed to deliver all three as the first smart thermostat that can effortlessly meet the needs of designers, integrators, and consumers alike.

Crestron has a legacy of designing and manufacturing products that are built to last. The Horizon Thermostat is no exception, offering the powerful Crestron backbone of control that we stand behind and support end-to-end.


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