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With a tailored Internet of Things solution, backed by our dedicated network, we can help you save time and money with programmable, energy-saving rules, fewer re-key costs, proactive water damage alerts, and more.
Smart technology is the future of apartment living. loT Solutions from Cox offers a smart platform that allows resident control in occupied units and property management control in vacant units of smart devices (such as thermostats, light switches, door locks, and leak detectors).
Easy to use dashboard to control vacant units and monitoring the community
Seamless onboarding of residents as they move in, including Welcome email with smart door code and app download
Move-out experience that triggers maintenance and vacant unit management which saves time
Future proof your properties and position your brand as an innovator by branding your apartments as “smart”
Enhance the resident experience, leading to reduced resident turnover
Command higher rent premiums, which generates more revenue for your property
Improve Net Operating Income (NOi) through increased efficiencies, reduced operating costs, and lower insurance premiums
Free up property managers with automated key resets and temperature adjustments at move-out
Reduce re-keying costs
Cost savings with climate controls in vacant units
Enjoy energy efficiency rebates & ‘Green’ incentives
Protect your assets and eliminate costly repairs with leak protection
Receive alerts when batteries need to be replaced.


Consumer Benefits

With a Smart Apartment from Cox, stay connected to your home through remotely monitoring and controlling smart devices with a convenient mobile app. Enjoy the comfort, convenience and control of smart thermostats, smart light switches, smart door locks, smart window/door sensors and smart leak detectors.
Get peace of mind that your home and valuables are protected with leak, window, and door sensors as well as access control through your smart door lock.
Think ‘Green’ by saving energy with control and automation of smart thermostats and lighting controls.
Lower your costs with more efficient energy and water management.
Receive notifications when your door or window opens.
Voice control enabled for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant so you can manage your devices.


Builder Benefits

Property owners and staff could benefit when all the other “stuff” is off their plate. So free up your team to focus on leasing units and maintaining occupancy and leave the technology to us.
Smart automation creates a real competitive edge for your community, helps increase your property value and lease units faster. Offering these loT conveniences means peace of mind-the kind of benefits that attract and retain more residents.
Programmable functionality helps maximize operational savings­ from lights to locks to thermostats.
From one simple remote dashboard, you will conserve energy in vacant units and common areas. Leak sensors help with insurance discounts and smart locks eliminate re-key hassles. Even more?
Energy efficiency rebates and incentives could be yours depending on your location.
Self-guided tours and extended leasing hours accommodate more schedules. To potential residents, this innovative flexibility helps set you apart in a crowded marketplace
Property dashboards empower you and your team to get more time back. Move residents in and out-all from one easy place-while optimized Vacant Unit rules help boost your energy settings.


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