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Sensi Touch 2 Smart Thermostat


It took 100 years of HVAC experience to build the new Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat. This is the design and reliability that homeowners, home builders and multifamily companies have been looking for. From providing whole-house comfort to helping make homes more energy efficient, Sensi Touch 2 meets the needs that matter most—performance, control and data privacy.

Performance – Sensi Touch 2 delivers big with energy savings of about 23% (1). It’s packed with features that help save money; including flexible scheduling, remote access, usage reports, equipment alerts and maintenance reminders.

Control – Every home has hot and cold spots that most thermostats can’t handle. Sensi Touch 2 connects to up to 15 room sensors—making it easy to prioritize rooms or balance the temperature throughout the home. And with the top-rated Sensi mobile app, that control is effortless.

Data Privacy – Our approach to data privacy is unmatched in the industry. Sensi does not use smart thermostat activity for targeting or advertising purposes. We don’t sell personal data to anyone, for any reason. And we don’t make thermostat changes based on assumptions about your priorities. Your thermostat settings are yours, and yours alone.

Consumer Benefits:

Compatible with up to 15 optional room sensors to reduce hot and cold spots throughout the house, the Sensi Touch 2 is the industry’s thinnest and best-looking smart thermostat. Easy installation, the top-rated mobile app, unmatched data privacy—all combined with our 100 years of HVAC leadership.

• Energy savings: Save about 23% on HVAC energy1 through features like flexible scheduling, smart alerts, remote access and usage reports.
• Top-rated design: In a recent consumer design study, Sensi Touch 2 led the category, outranking all other popular smart thermostats (2).
• Slim profile: The thinnest smart thermostat on the market, designed to blend with décor.
• Data privacy: We don’t sell personal data to anyone, for any reason. Your thermostat settings are yours, and yours alone.

(1) Energy savings are calculated by comparing operation time for a nationwide sample of Sensi users with temperature adjustments averaging 4° in comparison to users with no adjustments. Savings vary based on equipment type/condition, insulation, climate & temperature adjustment size/frequency.

(2) Study focused on customer design preference. Conducted by Emerson from 2/25/23 – 2/27/23 with 1,102 survey responses that compared Sensi Touch 2 against Google Nest Learning Thermostat, Ecobee Premium Smart Thermostat and Honeywell T9 Smart Thermostat.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

A top-rated design favored by consumers (2). Broad system compatibility and the reliable performance preferred by installers. Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostats works with professionals as seamlessly as they do HVAC systems.

Builders and contractors get the advantage of offering a simple, yet powerful user experience their customers will notice and appreciate. Plus, with dedicated accessory terminals and the ability to connect to optional room sensors, Sensi Touch 2 makes managing HVAC systems especially easy.

Sensi Touch 2 gives facilities managers more of the control they need. Now instead of running from room to room or overpaying on energy bills, the Sensi Multiple Thermostat Manager pairs with Sensi smart thermostats to give facility managers the power to control all their thermostats effectively from one place.

Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostats were designed and built by an HVAC expert, not a tech company. And that makes a world of difference on customers’ walls. Sensi thermostats are equipped with built-in installation tools so they go up clean and fast, and technicians can keep moving forward. A top-rated user experience and clean, modern design seals the deal with more satisfied customers and a lot fewer callbacks.

Nothing could better illustrate our commitment to builders, contractors and homeowners than earning the Frost & Sullivan 2023 Best Practices Recognition—an award reserved for companies at the forefront of innovation and growth within their industries.

Built into every Sensi smart thermostat is a structure of teamwork and support elevating our pro partners. From Nate Certified Training modules, educational webinars and installation guides to a breadth of marketing resources and digital branding integrated within our tap-rated mobile app—we connect our partners to quality tools and qualified customers to help amp up their success.

Yet we’ve never forgotten that ultimately our smart thermostats live inside people’s homes. Smart home devices have brought with them growing concerns about data privacy. As a company that cares deeply about making people comfortable, we launched a study to understand how the presence of smart thermostats is perceived by consumers. And we learned how important our policy of honoring and protecting data privacy really is. And we encourage other smart thermostat manufacturers to join us in
our promise to protect personal data.


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