The new condos feature high-end Episode speakers and the latest technology for maximum security, access control, and surveillance

When Developer Jim Gross first acquired the corner lot of a now demolished university dormitory in Charlotte, North Carolina’s Myles Park neighborhood, he was sure what he was going to do with it. As one of Charlotte’s oldest suburbs, it has a range of recreational facilities, shops. bars and restaurants and the property it conveniently located just a couple of miles from the city’s Uptown business district. “I started pushing around pencil and figured out it had to be condominiums,”

Jim turned the site into 24 luxury, full-floor condominiums capable of fetching almost $1.5 million in many cases. The condos, which range in size from 2,500 to 3,100 square feet (plus terraces), are spread across four 5-story and one 4-story steel-and-concrete buildings, all linked by a delightful tree-lined, lamplit courtyard that meanders its way through the complex.

What makes Opus Myers Park so luxurious goes beyond the physical design. It is packed with a slew of smart technologies powered by Control4, giving the fully automated experience that luxury buyers have come to expect.

“Every condo has at least five automated lights as standard, which can be set up however the owner wants, and people often opt to add more. All the bedrooms and common rooms are centrally wired for TV, and there are four zones of audio with high-end Episode speakers. Everything can be controlled using the Control4 Tabletop Touchscreens in your condo, or from a smartphone.” said Mike Fitton, president of Home Technology Solutions, the integrators on the project. Additionally, residents can easily control their condo’s temperature with connected thermostats, even when they are not there.

The property also is equipped with Control4’s automated security, access control, and surveillance, allowing residents to see and speak to visitors at the gate. You can also see live feeds from cameras in common areas like the courtyard and garage. And each condo has a camera in their own vestibule, pointing at their door, which only they can access.

Owners are thrilled with the convenience of home tech. One owner said, “I love that I can click on the touchscreen by my bed in the morning and see what the temperature is outside and get the forecast for the day. I can set the room temperature easily on the same screen. Listening to music in any room is simple. I love that I can see who’s at the elevator when the bell rings or let someone in the gate with a touch of a finger. It really is wonderful and once we got the hang of it, very intuitive.”

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