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Brilliant is an all-in-one smart home controller with a touch screen that installs in place of a light switch. This revolutionary new product provides a complete home automation solution that can be installed in under 15 minutes and instantly gives everyone in the house touch, voice and motion control over lighting, music, cameras and more. Starting at $299, it’s a fraction of the cost of existing home automation solutions like Control4 and Savant, which cost $20,000+, take 6-10 weeks to install and require custom wiring and programming. Brilliant can be easily added to any room, and is perfect for renovations, remodels, renters, buyers, and whole-home installations. Brilliant is also a great solution for family and guests. Now anyone can enter a room and have touch or voice access to all of the available smart home experiences. Additionally, Brilliant has a built-in camera and video intercom that allows you to interact with people in other rooms or check on your home using the Brilliant mobile app. New features include integrations with Apple Homekit, LIFX, and Schlage. Brilliant recently announced a new integration to expand its business into multifamily developments with a partnership with ButterflyMX creating the world’s first smart apartment system.


Smart home technology is no longer a nice to have in home construction, it’s an essential feature just like windows, doors, floor tiles, or new kitchen appliances. As consumer demand for smart home technology continues to explode, home buyers young and old expect new homes to be smart. Buyers are also willing to pay significantly more for new homes with pre-installed smart home systems. According to the National Association of Home Builders, installing smart home technology can increase the final closing price of a home by 3% to 5%. Brilliant instantly enhances a builder’s project by transforming any house or apartment into an easy-to-use smart home. By merely swapping out a light switch for a Brilliant Smart Home Control, Brilliant gives builders an affordable way to market their offerings as true, fully-integrated smart homes, rather traditional non-smart homes or homes that only have smart devices. This provides instant ROI in the form of increased revenues, profits, reduced time to sell and overall home satisfaction. Brilliant recently launched a National Builder Program designed to help home builders develop the right smart home strategy, sales approach, and product ecosystem — thus making Brilliant a standard in every new build home.

Builders and Contractors:

Homeowners young and old want high-tech products in their homes to help them live a simplified lifestyle. Historically millennials have been the earliest adopters when it comes to smart home technology; however, now all generations are looking for technology to make their homes “just work.” With Brilliant, everyone at home can easily discover and use all the great smart home experiences available in the home. This turns smart home complexity into simplicity with easy-to-use, easy-to-access control over all of your devices. That’s the value of having a touchscreen on your wall that’s easy to use and always available. Want to turn jazz on your Sonos? Just tap the screen and choose your Spotify station. Want to turn up the Honeywell thermostat? Just ask. No need to get your phone, figure out what app powers what, etc.. If a homeowner is looking for an affordable intercom solution, a simple in-wall music control system without doing a total overhaul, an interface for Ring cameras without putting an iPad on the wall of each room, or a way to erase clutter by putting Alexa voice control in the walls, the answer for all of these situations and many more is Brilliant.


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