2023 Brilliance Awards

The TecHome Builder/Housing Transformation Brilliance Awards celebrate the year’s most innovative products, services and solutions with powerful promotions and publicity.

Products and services launched or enhanced January 1, 2022 through November 1, 2023 are eligible for entry. Contact Sam Borjeson at samantha@ae-ventures.com with any questions.

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$995/entry (Companies may submit as many entries as desired)


Entries close September 20, 2023

Please note:

Entry attachments and information will be used in promotional efforts

Questions? Contact Sam Borjeson at samantha@ae-ventures.com.

Tips for Maximizing Your Award Entry

Get creative with your descriptions and attachments
Our panel of builder judges are just as susceptible to good copy and visual assets as your normal targets are! And, what you include in your entry will be used to craft your very own Award Spotlight page in our content library. That’s why we encourage you use your most compelling product photos, videos and descriptive copy. Judges will be pouring over dozens of entries, so put some time into making yours stand out. You can always save your progress and come back to your entry later.
Have your proofreader ready
Ask someone who was not involved in your product or solution’s development proofread your entry before you submit. Ask them if it was easy to understand and what their key takeaways were, and make sure these line up with the ones you intended.
Enter early for early promotions
We love getting people excited about our network of home tech and digital solutions vendors/suppliers, and the brilliant products they’ll be talking about at our events! So, the earlier you send in your entry, the earlier we’ll be able to promote it on social and with your own Award Spotlight page, which you’ll be able to use for your own promotions, too!
Have multiple entries in mind? Submit them all!
Brilliance comes in many forms – that’s why we’ve expanded our categories to represent a much wider range of products, applications and solutions. There’s no limit on the number of entries you can submit, so if you have multiple contenders for one category, or solutions across multiple categories, we want to hear about them all!