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Brian Vieaux

President & COO, FinLocker

With over 28 years of executive experience in mortgage banking, Brian is a seasoned leader and a certified mortgage banker who is passionate about financial literacy and fitness. He is the President and COO of FinLocker, a consumer-enabled financial data platform that gives lenders access to critical borrower information via a trusted third party. At FinLocker, Brian leverages his broad-based expertise in strategy, business development, sales and marketing, compliance, quality control, and risk management to help lenders execute an embedded finance strategy, transitioning from a transaction focus to one of continuous engagement. He also hosts a podcast called Fintech Fridays, where he explores the latest innovations and trends in the financial services industry. Brian's mission is to empower lenders with digital financial tools that attract, engage, and retain customers, while improving the consumer's financial well-being.

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