Upcoming Events: Fall 2024 - November 5-7, Pasadena CA | Spring 2025 - April 15-17, Orlando FL

The new home is the ultimate platform product—the foundation to dozens and dozens of additional, attachment purchases. In this session, we journey beyond structural and built-in options to categories including furniture, decor, housewares and, yes, even landscaping. A basic principle here is: if you’re going to show it, why not sell it, because many buyers are going to want to purchase what they are shown. (They’ll even crawl under furniture to find maker labels.) How can you show and sell and not disrupt optimization and maximization of the sale of the home itself? Our expert practitioner presenters will show you how!

Sponsored By: Cali Floors

Meet The Presenters:

Nancy Giangeruso – BCD-it™ | Travis Rulle – FBC Mortgage | Jed Kelly – Wayfair | Eoin Harrington – MINE | Janet Kemmerer – Meritage Homes

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