Brilliance Award

The TecHome Brilliance Award celebrate innovative home technology products with powerful promotions and publicity to thousands of builders, multifamily companies and integration/subcontracting trade partners via TecHome Builder’s online and social platforms and email database.

Plus, entrants and winners receive assets they can use on their own promotional and content platforms to generate awareness, interest and inquiries.

The value of the promotional exposure for entrants far exceeds the cost and time of entering.

For winners, who receive extra recognition and are enabled to self-promote their awards, the value is extraordinary.

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Housing Transformation
Impact Awards

The Housing Transformation Impact Awards recognize excellence and achievement in both the digital solutions sphere and across finishes, structures and major systems product categories. Solution developers who’ve taken on the challenge of streamlining builders’ complex business processes and manufacturers who’ve made the commitment to fully support builders in bringing new products to market—all have an opportunity to powerfully promote their products, services and process supports. Their achievements light up the sky of the homebuilding industry and shake the earth as homebuyers respond to new products, well presented and delivered with quality.

For every product, solution and service entered, the value of promotional exposure far exceeds the cost and time of entering.

Winners receive extra exposure and the value of touting their win to media and the market.

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