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Exclusive Offer for National & Regional Builders

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Money for Desired Features

Money you can make by offering the home tech features today’s buyers crave.

Money for Innovation

Money you can make by building homes better tuned to today’s needs and lifestyles that blow away every builder’s #1 competitor--used houses.

Money for Personalization

Money you can make by improving your personalization process and broadening your finishes options to include new categories and attachments.

Money for Better Engagement

Money you can make by levering digital solutions to attract and engage more buyers, sell more homes and options and deliver an unbeatable ownership experience.

Money for Differentiation

Money you can make by differentiating your homes and simultaneously save time and money with advanced building materials, major systems and design and construction methods.


Now in its 10th year of service to the industry, our all-expenses-paid Summit will help your company get ahead in four distinct facets of innovation you need to address to seize (not cede) the money on the table. Its unique mix of dynamic general session content, small group deep dive vendor presentations and meaty scheduled 1-on-1 meetings immerse you in ideas, info and advice and introduce you to the vendor and peer connections you need to do something about it.

Maximize Value with Team Attendance

Send a team of executives to divide, conquer and unify for faster, more cohesive, and impactful action after the event. Teams attending also report covering more ground, bonding and deepening rapport, stronger and speedier action implementing the ideas, applications and products reviewed at the event.

Explore the Four Facets of Innovation at Our Summits

Unlock the potential of home building with cutting-edge strategies, technologies, and solutions across four key areas of innovation.

Finishes & Personalization Track

Learn what today's on-trend and innovative finishes options are and the strategies, processes and tech you need to maximize their sales.

TecHome HiVol Track

Learn how to expand and improve your home tech offers and processes.

Structures & Systems Track

Learn how to design and build new homes with advanced materials, construction methods and major systems.

Digital Solutions Track

Learn how to leverage digital tech to increase the effectiveness of your sales, marketing and customer care programs.

What Pain Points Can You Address?

Identify and overcome critical challenges in home building to enhance buyer satisfaction, streamline processes, and boost profitability.

TecHome HiVol Track
  1. Dropping off buyer short lists due to missing home technology features.
  2. Botching your home tech play with missing and broken processes that result in “under-plays,” underperformance and unrealized profit.
  3. Not delivering on functionality and experiences today's buyers demand.
  4. Leaving home tech money on the table—including built-in system sales, after-market product sales and service revenues.
  5. Messing up the ownership experience in your homes with tech products that don’t work together and are complicated or clumsy to use.
Digital Solutions Track
  1. Screwing up on delivering a better consumer experience and generating new post-close revenue with an owner opp.
  2. Fizzling out in the early round of buyer attraction and engagement due to substandard visualization and interactivity.
  3. Disappointing today's buyers by not delivering a digital shopping and selection experience.
  4. Enduring post-contract customer care and warranty management headaches.
  5. Coming off as backward and down-market. 
Finishes & Personalization Track
  1. Losing buyers and add-on revenue with off-trend and obsolete finishes and options.
  2. Getting seen as a low-value, cookie-cutter builder because you don’t personalize.
  3. Leaving options money on the table—including built-ins and attachment categories like furniture and décor.
  4. Not having the powerful personalization card to play against used houses and other builders.
  5. Unstructured options sales processes with unpredictable results.
Structures & Systems Track:
  1. Wasting time and money on outdated materials and construction methods.
  2. Failing to effectively market the investments you make in the structure and systems.
  3. Blowing the opportunity to deliver valuable and hard to copy benefits like resilience, integrity, energy and water efficiency, health and wellness and sustainability via structures and major systems.
  4. Wasting money on outdated materials and construction methods.
  5. Being held hostage by labor shortages that plague stick building.

From Recent Events

Session Topics

Discover a diverse range of topics designed to elevate your expertise and drive success in the home building industry.

  • TecHome HiVol
  • Digital Solutions
  • Finishes & Personalizations
  • Structures & Systems
TecHome HiVol

TecHome HiVol

Session Topics

  • Leveraging Tech for Mood Modulation & Wellness
  • Smart Home AI for User Experience Excellence
  • Cashing in on High Performance AV Inside & Out
  • Smart Power Plays That Score
  • ·The Magnificent 7 Fully Merchandised Work-From-Home Offers
Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Session Topics

  • Digital Buyer Attraction Tactics that Generate the Most Volume and Quality at the Top of the Funnel
  • Visualization & Interactivity: From Table Stakes to Wow
  • Perfecting Sales Automation in Model Homes
  • Justifying & Planning Your Investment in Digital Design Centers
  • The Seamless, FINANCED Digital Homebuying & Owning Experience
Finishes & Personalizations

Finishes & Personalizations

Session Topics

  • It’s Hot Outside: Exterior & Outdoor Living Finishes Trends
  • The Finished Home: Naturally!
  • Playing the Interior Finishes Trends for Awesome Options Sell-Through
  • Show Me The Money in Finishes & Options
  • Perfecting Your Options Merchandising Strategy & Sales Process
Structures & Systems

Structures & Systems

Session Topics

  • What’s New & Better in Engineered Wood, Insulation & Building Wraps
  • Selecting & Designing Prefabricated Components into Your Homes: From Modular Foundations to Pre-cut Framing, Panelized Systems, SIPS & Volumetric Units
  • Designing & Building with Steel & Concrete Materials
  • Electrical, HVAC/IAQ and Plumbing Systems Innovations
  • Selling & Marketing New Homes with BETTER BONES!

Maximize Value with Team Attendance

Who Attends?

TecHome HiVol

Purchasing, Product Development, Design/Options, Marketing, Exec. Mgt.​

  • Purchasing Manager, Traditions of America​​
  • National Manager of Technical Operations, Lennar​
  • VP of Design & Construction, Iron Haven Homes​​
  • VP of Innovation and Sustainability, Landsea Homes​​
  • Vice President, Reliant Homes​​
  • National Purchasing Manager, Homebound​​

Digital Solutions

Digital Marketing, Sales Architecture/Design, Design Center/Options, Exec. Mgt.

  • Crystal Creek Homes, President & CEO
  • David Weekly Homes, Director of Business Process
  • Epcon Communities, Director of Operations
  • French Brothers Homes, Director of Technology
  • Landsea Homes, VP of Innovation & Sustainability
  • Lexar Homes, Director of Marketing & Franchise Growth
  • Shea Homes, National VP of Sales & Marketing

Finishes & Personalization

Architecture/Design, Design Center/Options, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Exec. Mgt.​

  • Beacon Homes, Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Classica Homes, Purchasing & Process Manager
  • Estridge Homes, Director of Purchasing & Estimating
  • French Brothers Homes, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Granite Ridge Builders, Inc, Director of Construction Operations & Purchasing
  • Stone Martin Builders, Director of Architecture & Design
  • Trophy Signature Homes, Director of Purchasing

Structures & Systems

Architecture/Design, Operations/Construction, Purchasing, Exec. Mgt.​

  • Architecture Designer, Drees Homes​​
  • Director of Design for Manufacturing, Dvele​​
  • Director of Operations, Trophy Signature Homes​​
  • Director of Purchasing & Estimating, Estridge Homes​​
  • National Director of Construction Optimization, Taylor Morrison​​
  • VP of Architecture, Landsea Homes​​

Current + Recent Sponsors

View detail on all sponsors in the Builder Innovator vendor showcase.





Aquor Water System

Best Buy Business


Deako Lighting

GE Appliances

Guardian Protection

Jasco Products

Johnson Controls





Snap One











ECI Software


New Home Star


SmartTouch Interactive

Studio Chateau


Zillow Group

Finishes &


Cali Floors

Challenger Designs


Cyclone Range Hoods

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures

Hunter Douglas




Tile Redi

Urban Surfaces

Wayfair Professional

Structures &



FlowGuard Gold


GAF Energy

Green Marbles

Greenheck Fan

IE Construction


Johns Manville

Mannington Mills


Simpson Strong-Tie


Stiebel Eltron


How do we get the most out of the Summit?

Work with our customer success team to determine your needs and purpose for attending the event in advance, do your homework on sponsors and presenters and make advance contact to plan and structure your connections, be ready to capture good idea and contacts onsite, prioritize and take action when you get back to the office while the ideas are fresh and your passion for implementing them burns bright.

Every step to successfully realizing opportunities is outlined in our Guest Playbook.

Benefits of Attending?

Gain insights that will help you create fully finished homes, deliver exemplary customer care, and achieve profitable differentiation in the market.

TecHome HiVol Track
  1. Add to the appeal and profitability of your homes with in-demand tech features buyers crave, appreciate, and enjoy.
  2. Develop processes for methodically updating home tech merchandise, marketing messages, and sales processes and assets.
  3. Streamline and improve tech design, production, and customer support processes to make tech a business and buyer winner.
Digital Solutions Track
  1. Save money, manpower, and time.
  2. Improve marketing, sales, and production performance.
  3. Find and deeply engage more buyers.
  4. Sell more homes.
  5. Deliver exemplary customer care and ownership experience.
Finishes & Personalization Track
  1. Increase per home revenue.
  2. Create happy buyers who move into fully finished homes.
  3. Thrill your design and options sales staff by providing process improvements, better products to sell, and sharper digital tools.
Structures & Systems Track:
  1. Create positive, profitable differentiation for your new homes that’s impossible to replicate in resale homes.
  2. Dissolve the "better bones" myth buyers use to rationalize resale home purchases.

The Experience

  • Expert content, advice, and inspiration on products, applications and process improvements to ensure innovation success.
  • In-depth evaluation of innovative products and solutions.
  • No cost to attend and white-glove support from our dedicated customer success team.