Aquor House Hydrant V2+

Aquor’s new House Hydrant V2+ sets the benchmark for innovation in outdoor faucet systems.

As the only 100% marine-grade stainless steel hydrant in the world, Aquor’s industry-leading freeze protection is up to 8x better than any brass sillcock on the market today.

It’s the lowest-profile wall hydrant ever. Extending just 15mm from the wall, it eliminates snagging and safety hazards, making it possible for builders to add faucets to narrow spaces and walkways. It is revolutionary for modular builders – they no longer worry about exterior fixtures affecting strict shipping widths.

The revolutionary pressure-closed valve is unlike any sillcock available. It can’t be over-tightened or worn out accidentally, and promises decades of ultra-reliable, maintenance-free use.

Aquor’s twist-lock connection eliminates the hassle of threading garden hoses on. For senior citizens and those with wrist or back pain, Aquor’s easy 1-second connection is a life-saver.

Available in brushed stainless, matte black, and slate gray, it’s the most stylish, convenient, and reliable outdoor faucet ever made.


Incredible convenience: Forget bending over while trying to thread on your garden hose. Now, plugging in takes less than a second. No compact hose threads, no more wrist pain. What was previously a hassle is now an enjoyable experience. Young or old, everyone prefers the ease of an Aquor system.

No leaks or drips: Save water, save money! Traditional bibbs are prone to wear and tear, resulting in leaks. The House Hydrant’s pressure-closed valve cannot be overtightened by the user. There is only one moving part, and no washers or packing nuts that need frequent replacement. With the price of water quickly increasing, so does the importance of leak prevention.

No maintenance, no worries: No tedious winterization required, even at -30°! Most of today’s “frost-free” sillcocks are made of brass, a conductive material that is unsuitable for extreme temperatures. As a result, most homeowners still need to drain and purge their sillcocks every winter. Aquor’s hydrant is low-carbon stainless steel, which provides incredible freeze protection and doesn’t need purging. It allows year-round access to water without compromise. If you need to rinse off your snow boots, now you can!

Builders and Contractors:

Low-cost, high-satisfaction: It’s a rare low-cost exterior upgrade that can be immediately recognized and appreciated by homeowners. Provides a unique talking point that shows commitment to thoughtfulness and build quality. Encourages the sales team to do more than talk countertops and windows at the model home — it’s a hidden detail that can make the builder’s house stand out in the eyes of the consumer.

Less maintenance, fewer callbacks: Aquor’s hydrants are backed by the longest warranty on the market. The industry-leading freeze protection prevents any possibility of frozen plumbing bursts, an important feature for vacation homes, multi-family properties, or first-time homebuyers. As the only stainless hydrant on the market, it is ideal for coastal properties.

Installation flexibility and ease: The low-profile design is a breakthrough for any project with space constraints, such as decks, walkways, and modular homes. Traditional hose bibbs cause a safety hazard and can be damaged more easily. They are also unsightly and detract from the building exterior. Aquor’s minimalist design takes 80% less space. It is also the only hydrant in the world that can provide suitable freeze protection while fitting within a 2×6 framed wall.


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