During my visit with custom builder David Compo a few weeks back I was struck by how enamored he was with one out dozens of tech features he built into his entry into the SE Michigan Builders’ Parade of Home—the Juno AI (color-tunable light/speaker/Alexa interface) from Acuity Brands.

Compo Builders installed 45 Juno AI’s in “The Lisa,” a signature ranch style custom entered in the $850,000+ category. Juno AI is in most rooms: Jack and Jill bathroom, bedroom hallway, family entry, lower level stairway, garage, kitchen, dining, great room, office, master bed, master bath, master shower, sink light and front porch.

It makes sense in a luxury home. Aesthetics are paramount, and the Juno AI provides color-tunable lighting will removing pieces of ceiling, wall and surface acne out of the equation by triple purposing the lighting aperture with a JBL speaker and an Alexa interface. It can make lighting switch-free and/or provide flexibility on switch placement.

“It is definitely wowing the Parade of Home attendees,” said Compo builders director of operations, Brian Harrick. “They love the fact that music is coming out of the recessed lights, and there are no speakers required anywhere else. Also, they love the fact that with the Amazon Alexa platform, we can run routines like good morning, good night good afternoon and the recessed lights turn on all the Wi-Fi switches turn on other fixtures the blinds go up and it starts playing music. Really cool stuff!”

Juno AI is available in three form factors per the below product specification, with MSRPs ranging from $50-$299. Click here to see more about Juno.

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