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Smart Thermostat HD


The Smart Thermostat HD is Alarm.com’s newest connected thermostat, equipped with a beautiful and sleek color touchscreen display and an easy-to-use, on-screen installation wizard that includes wire detection and local configuration. Differentiating it from other devices in the market, this device consistently monitors the health of heating and cooling systems to optimize performance and avoid costly repairs. Created with builders in mind, this unique device also allows for the set-up of energy-saving schedules locally, with no account required.

Consumer Benefits:

The Smart Thermostat HD offers customers next-level comfort and control for homeowners. Connected to the Alarm.com mobile app, homeowners can control the thermostat remotely. They can create temperature schedules from their mobile phones to automatically save energy when they’re not home, manage humidity and control ventilation. Additionally, this device also monitors the health of the HVAC system and provides monthly reporting, giving homeowners insight like never before. This year, Alarm.com released this innovative thermostat in a new white display, adding a new color to the portfolio which fits into any home style and customer aesthetic.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

The Smart Thermostat HD is specifically designed to be the easiest 24v smart thermostat installation for security dealers and is equally intuitive for end users. For security dealers that partner with HVAC technicians for thermostat installations, the Smart Thermostat HD offers an innovative solution when no C-wire, or not enough wires are present. Rather than pull new wire, which is extremely time-consuming and messy, the touchscreen display can be mounted in the living area and the thermostat unit separately installed near the HVAC equipment – wireless communication does the rest. This makes the Alarm.com Smart Thermostat HD a top-of-the-line competitive solution equipped with an on-display wizard and SmartStart for fast, easy installations.

Alarm.com offers comprehensive support assets for the Smart Thermostat HD which can be tailored to each builder partner. Builders benefit from a range of digital and physical marketing support tools that empower them to effectively showcase the advantages of this cutting-edge technology to potential homeowners. Alarm.com provides training and an extensive Knowledge Base which features articles designed to facilitate successful integration by service provider partners.

To foster optimal integration, Alarm.com collaborates closely with HVAC companies, offering integration with HVAC Analytics. This collaboration facilitates not only comprehensive system analysis, but also timely support, ensuring that both builders and end-users derive maximum value from the Smart Thermostat HD.


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